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Sugar & Sugar Substitutes | Cure Today

posted Jul 20, 2016, 9:14 AM by Amanda Bontempo
There is so much confusion surrounding sugar and sweeteners in the health community and especially in relation to cancer. The devastating diagnosis of cancer often acts as an impetus for people to make dietary changes. Over and over patients ask me if sugar feeds cancer.

I’ve heard doctors say that sugar must be avoided as much as possible while others insist patients to eat “whatever” they want. As a medical community we foster misconceptions and obfuscate diet recommendations. We occupy a moral safe house where everyone else is to blame so no one is responsible.


Oftentimes during anti-cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation, sugar and carbohydrate foods are tolerated best. It must be devastating to think that sugary foods most easily tolerated are also the ones feeding the disease. Let me assuage all guilt as this is simply untrue. Cancer hijacks the circulatory system to gain access to nutrients. Every cell in our body needs glucose (sugar) to survive and the trouble is cancer cells need nutrients to grow the exact same way healthy cells do. Sugar does not feed cancer cells any differently than it feeds healthy cells. Even if we removed all sugar and carbohydrates from our diets, our bodies will naturally create sugar from protein and fat by a biochemical process called gluconeogenesis.

While added sugar and refined carbohydrates aren’t directly causing cancer to grow, it’s hardly healthy either, especially when eaten in excess. 

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