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Sabotage at Starbucks

posted Mar 11, 2012, 7:21 AM by Amanda Bontempo
Starbucks may be taking over every corner but I’m not so sure where I’d be without my morning java. The scientific and medical communities are constantly finding evidence indicating the health benefits of coffee. But beware! Order wrong and it’s easy to sip a meal’s worth of calories from a single cup.

You’re already savvy enough to order your bev with skim milk, but the fat-free moo-juice doesn’t automatically make your order healthy. Chances are you’re sipping on some super sugary and fattening syrups. A Skim Vanilla Latte has more sugar than Twix bars and a Skim Frappucino has more sugar than Skittles.  Before you get your knickers in a twist, rest assured that guilt-free is also on the menu. 

Ordering a Starbucks “skinny” beverage from your barista is the key to both fat-free and sugar-free choices. Some skinny beverages still come with high calorie, sugar-sweetened sauces so stop ordering a steaming side of guilt and knix all the extras to be safe. 

If you're a purist and not into the fancy additions, go back to basics with unsweetened  coffee, tea, or espresso (hot or iced) and add your own skim milk with maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg.