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On Carbs & Cancer | Cure Today

posted Jul 20, 2016, 9:19 AM by Amanda Bontempo
The “sugar is poison” ideology is wrong. While I’ve argued for reducing sugar for my entire career, I do think it’s wrong to perpetuate the idea that it is somehow toxic.

Sugar is in fruit — not toxic. Sugar is in breast milk — not toxic. Sugar is in our very bloodstream at all times. If it wasn’t, we would be dead. Our earliest ancestors ate sugar, albeit in vastly smaller quantities. Animals will even take great risks for it, as Winnie the Pooh taught us. Every culture today, including those who are eating healthy diets indelibly linked to low rates of chronic diseases and cancer, eat sugar. Hello baklava.

So, sugar is not a poison. The only rational message about the perils of sugar is that an excess is harmful. Just as an excess of oxygen, water or calcium is lethal. It is the dose that makes the poison.

Too much sugar and too many carbohydrates is a salient liability of modern eating. And while this statement lacks the visceral and poetic impact of “sugar is poison,” time-honored truths and common sense win in the end again and again.
Cane sugar, beet sugar and corn syrup, among others, and refined flours, which are pure starch, are cheap and used in copious amounts in our food supply, contributing mightily to our excessive intakes — and that’s very bad. We have been living and yes, dying, on a diet of unintended consequences. We now are left drowning in a roiling sea of obesity, diabetes and cancer. While this is just one facet of our modern dietary ills, it is such a central one that I find myself writing about it repeatedly.

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