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Eat Your Heart Out

posted Feb 14, 2012, 5:40 AM by Amanda Bontempo
Happy Valentine's Day! 

They say greatest healing recipe is friendship and love. Umm and food, hello! We eat when we're happy, sad and we eat with every emotion between.  On Valentine's day we eat pink and red heart shaped food. Nutritionist or not, when yummy treats, pancakes or coffee is heart shaped, so much sweeter is the soul.

Whether or not cupid has hit you in the eros, indulge in some heart shaped (healthy) options. Get creative and enjoy!

perfect heart shaped addition to morning buckwheat pancakes

heart shaped (ahem, whole wheat spinach) ravioli will earn you a smooch every time

cut out colorful beets and other veggies to spice up your greens

classic and irresistible