Amanda Bontempo, MS  RD CDN

Amanda Bontempo is a registered dietitian and certified dietitian/nutritionist. A real food lover, she knows great food when she tastes it.  She received a Master of Science degree in medical nutrition therapy from New York University.  

Amanda has a balanced, sane approach to wellness and maintaining health, as well as those of her clients. An ardent fan of the 80/20 rule, she preaches sticking to what you know is good for you 80% of the time and leaving the other 20% to the occasional steak, glass of wine and habitual pizza slice.

See? Sane. Oh, and she's also staunchly anti-colonic and values sleep and hydration over everything.

Health is all about balance. Finding it in your life with work, family, friends, sleep, exercise, diet. It's a constant struggle and sometimes even trial and error. The general idea of wellness is incorporating all of it. Nutrition, your personal life and sleep are really important, but I love that it’s not just about fitness or nutrition anymore. It’s really about all aspects what makes us who we are on a daily basis.